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Everything you need to get your TV safely on the wall, in no time

Before you start

…we just wanted to say thanks for choosing Vogel’s. Smart choice.

And you’re already making another smart choice – reading the manual! Keep reading to learn all about safe, efficient installation, and how to use your new mount.


Stay safe


Always read these safety instructions carefully before installing and using this product.

Following these instructions is strictly required. Incorrect mounting and/or installation could put you, your TV, and your family at substantial risk.


What’s in your box?

  • Something missing? Make sure your packaging has everything in place:
    1. Wall mount
    1. Strips
    1. Safety instructions
    2. Bolts for fastening strips on TV (see contents below)
    3. Spacers
    4. Washers Ø 18 mm
    5. Screws
    6. Plugs (fischer© DuoPower)
    7. Washers Ø 22 mm
    8. Cover
    9. Protective TV patches
  • Contents of the TV fasteners kit:
  • TVM 3210 Series:

    TVM 3410/3610 Series:

    • 4x M4*12mm bolts
    • 4x M4*25mm bolts
    • 4x M6*12mm bolts
    • 4x M6*25mm bolts
    • 4x M6*35mm bolts
    • 4x M8*12mm bolts
    • 4x M8*25mm bolts
    • 4x M8*45mm bolts
    • 4x M6 washer
    • 4x spacer 10mm
    • 4x M6*12mm bolts
    • 4x M6*25mm bolts
    • 4x M6*35mm bolts
    • 4x M8*12mm bolts
    • 4x M8*25mm bolts
    • 4x M8*45mm bolts
    • 4x M6 washer
    • 4x spacer 10mm
    • 4x spacer 5mm

You just need four bolts to mount your TV. Store the rest for other use!


Got your tools ready?

  • Don’t start without all the necessary tools:

    • Crosshead screwdriver
    • Drilling machine
    • 8mm or 5/16” concrete / brick drill (for concrete / brick walls only)
    • 4mm or 5/32” wood drill (for walls with wooden studs only)
    • Stud finder (for walls with wooden studs only)
    • Socket wrench
    • Pencil

Take care of your safety

  • Who cares about looking cool? Always wear personal protective equipment:
    • Eye protection
    • Ear protection
    • Safety shoes

Lifting your TV is a two-person job. Don’t be bold!


Additional tools

Mark the first drilling hole
Use our free DrillRight™ AR App to find the perfect mounting height.


Let our video guide you
No more stress. Watch and learn, with our handy online installation video.


Let our pdf guide you
Download a pdf version of this installation guide including guarantee conditions.

Ready… set… get installing!

Step 1: Attach the strips to the TV

  1. Put the protective TV patches Ⓛ on the strips Ⓒ.
  2. Put the TV carefully on a soft clean surface without any obstacles.
  3. Open the tilt strips with a screw driver. (Don’t worry: these are tight because they are designed to hold the weight of your TV!)
  1. Screw the strips Ⓒ on to the TV with the bolts Ⓔ. Make sure the strips Ⓒ are at the same height and do not stick out.

Are you missing any bolts? Or need different ones? The friendly team at Vogel’s Consumer Care are waiting to help:

Make sure that the release cords are at the bottom of the TV when attaching the strips.

Refer to the user manual of your TV for the correct bolt sizes. Make sure bolts and washers are positioned correctly. Use spacers where needed.


Step 2: Attach the wall mount to the wall

How well do you know your walls? What they’re made of matters more than you think…


Step 3: Attach the TV to the wall mount

  1. Make sure the tilt strips are still open.
  2. Carefully lift and attach the TV to the wall mount Ⓐ.
  1. When you hear a satisfying click (ClickLoc™ Safety System), you know your TV is safely in place.

Can't reach the angle to hook the strips onto the wallplate? Use spacers between the strips and the back of your TV.

Having difficulties aiming for the wallplate due to a large TV? Mark the horizontal and vertical location of the wallplate on the wall with masking tape. If necessary, also carefully mark the height of the hooks on the sides of your TV.

Lifting your TV is a two-person job. Don’t be bold!

  1. Tuck the excess release cords between the wall and the TV to hide them.

Job done now! Enjoy watching your TV!


Handy features

Tilt to avoid reflections

  • Need to avoid reflections? Tilt your screen easily up to 20°, without the need for tools. Just pull the top of your TV forward to your wishes.

Having a cable mess? Do you need inspiration about how to hide and guide your cables or how to place other TV accessories? Take a look at our website!


Removing your TV

  1. Pull the release cords to unlock the TV.
  2. Pull the bottom of the TV forward.
  3. Remove the TV, and put it down somewhere safe.

Again, lifting your TV is a two-person job. Always get help.


Did it work?


Confused? Unsure? Going crazy?

There’s plenty of help waiting for you, online:


Simple troubleshooting

Found a problem you can’t fix? Don’t panic… try these!





‘I don’t have the right bolts for my TV!’


The world of TV technology is always changing – it can be hard to keep up sometimes. So, it might be the case that the correct bolt size is not included… you’re just too advanced!


Just ask Vogel’s Consumer Care to request a service kit, and we’ll send everything you need. Click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.


‘I have a lot of leftover bolts, is something wrong?’


No, you did it very well! You only need 4 bolts to install the mount to your TV. Because of all the different types of TVs, we have included the most common sizes for the most sold TVs.


Don’t waste the other bolts, save them!

You can use them for another TV when you buy a new one or use it elsewhere.


‘I broke my release cord!’


You don’t know how strong you are… sometimes when the cord is pulled too hard, it can snap.


Don’t panic. Just Push the ClickLoc™ Safety System downwards in both strips, using a long screwdriver or allen key.

For new release cords, please click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.


‘My wall screws have snapped!’


You might not be drilling deep enough… or your drill could be too blunt, so that the hole is too narrow and the screw gets stuck.


Use another hole in the wall plate to fix the wall mount to the wall. Make sure you use a sharp drill of the correct size. Use the size of the screw as indication of the depth to be drilled.


‘My cover is stuck!’


If the space between your wall and your wall mount is a little too tight, things can get tricky to reach.


Push a small screwdriver between wall and wall mount to push the snap hooks down to release.



‘Where can I request the correct bolts for my TV (a service kit)?’

Whatever you need, simply contact your local Vogel's dealer or Vogel's. Click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.

‘Where can I find installation videos?’

Click or tap the button on the front page of this manual. The installation video can be found at the product page of your product on our website. It can also be found on our YouTube channel:

‘What if I need spare parts?’

If you require a spare part, please contact your local dealer or Vogel's. Click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.

‘Where can I find the drilling template?’

The drilling template is printed on the inlay card in the box. You can cut it out for your convenience.

‘How high do I need to hang my TV?’

The center of your TV should ideally be positioned at eye level, while seated. Download and use the free DrillRight™ AR app to determine the height of the TV and to mark the first hole.

‘How high do I need to hang my TV in case of a tilt mount?’

When a wall mount with tilt function is used, your TV can be mounted above eye level.

‘Which bolts or screws do I need to use?’

Use all wall screws and four bolts for securing your TV. Vogel's offers a complete assembly kit with all mounting materials included in the box, for both your TV and wall. Do you miss the correct bolts for your TV? Please contact your local Vogel's dealer. Click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.

‘Why do you use Fischer© plugs?’

The Fischer© DuoPower plug is widely regarded as the best standard in plugs. Don’t settle for less!

‘What is VESA?’

VESA is a standard pattern of mounting location holes on the back of a TV which allows many standard TV mounts to be easily fitted to your TV.


Go green!

We care about the planet. If you’re getting rid of the packaging or the TV mount itself, please visit your local recycling facility, or contact your municipal office. Recycling matters!



Thanks again for choosing Vogel’s! Durability is paramount in the development and production of our products. For this reason, we are able to provide a product guarantee for the reasonable service life of all of our wall mounts. We resolve any issues regarding product complaints or returned products and assess all complaints based on usage.

If your product is not functioning properly due to material faults or manufacturing defects, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our own discretion.

If you have any problems with our product or want to know whether the guarantee is applicable, please:

  1. Complete the contact form or mail our Consumer Care Team. Preferably, please add a picture.
  2. Within 2 business days you will be contacted by our local Vogel’s distributor.
  3. If the guarantee is invoked, the product should be returned, together with the original purchase document (invoice, sales slip or cash receipt). The purchase document should clearly show the name of the supplier and the date of purchase. You will be informed about the specific return address and further procedure.
  4. Vogel’s guarantee shall lapse in the following cases:

    • If the product has not been installed or used in accordance with the instructions;
    • If applicable, if the holes in the wall have not been properly drilled in accordance with the Vogel's installation instructions for the applicable wall type;
    • If the product has been altered or repaired by someone other than Vogel’s;
    • If a fault arises due to external causes (outside the product) such as for example lightning, water nuisance, fire, scuffing, exposure to extreme temperatures, weather conditions, solvents or acids, wrong use or negligence;
    • If the product is used for different equipment than is mentioned on or in the packaging.

Do you have any other questions? Please make use of our contact form.


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