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Everything you need to get your Era 300 mounted, in no time

Before you start

…we just wanted to say thanks for choosing Vogel’s. Smart choice.

And you’re already making another smart choice – reading the manual! Keep reading to learn all about safe, efficient installation, and how to use your new speaker stand.


Stay safe


Always read these safety instructions carefully before installing and using this product.

Following these instructions is strictly required. Incorrect mounting and/or installation could put you, your speaker, and your family at substantial risk.


What’s in your box?

  • Something missing? Make sure your packaging has everything in place:
    1. Pole
    2. Floor plate
    3. Pole cap
    4. Top plate
    5. Cable guide tool
    6. Quick installation manual
    7. 5x M5*35mm bolts
    8. 2x M5*20mm bolts
    9. No.3 Allen key

Got your tools ready?

  • Don’t start without all the necessary tools:

    • Cable guide tool (included)
    • No.3 Allen key (included)
    • Large crosshead screwdriver

Additional tools

Let our pdf guide you
Download a pdf version of this installation guide including guarantee conditions.

Ready… set… get installing!

Step 1: Assemble the speaker stand

  1. Put the pole Ⓐ on the floor plate Ⓑ.
  1. Attach the pole Ⓐ to the floor plate Ⓑ using the 3 x M5*35mm bolts Ⓖ.
  1. Put the cable guide tool Ⓔ on the speaker plug of the ERA 300 cable (included with the speaker).
  1. Push the plug with the cable guide tool Ⓔ into the bottom of the floor plate Ⓑ and through the pole Ⓐ.
  1. Remove the cable guide tool Ⓔ and pull the plug through the pole cap Ⓒ and put the cable in the slot on the back of the pole cap Ⓒ.
  1. Attach the pole cap Ⓒ and the top plate Ⓓ to the pole Ⓐ using 2x M5*35mm bolts Ⓖ.

Step 2: Attach ERA 300 to the speaker stand

  1. Attach the Era 300 speaker to the top plate Ⓓ using the 2x M5*20mm bolts Ⓗ.
  2. Connect the plug to the speaker.


Job done now! Enjoy listening to your Era speaker!

Having a cable mess? Do you need inspiration about how to hide and guide your cables? Take a look at our website vogels.com!


Removing your Era speaker

  1. Disconnect the plug from the Era speaker.
  2. Unscrew the 2x M5*20mm bolts Ⓗ from the top plate Ⓓ to remove the Era 300 speaker.

Did it work?


Confused? Unsure? Going crazy?

There’s plenty of help waiting for you, online:


Simple troubleshooting

Found a problem you can’t fix? Don’t panic… try these!





‘I can’t get the plug through the pole!’


The plug has a very jagged shape that is difficult to guide through the pole.


Use the provided cable guide tool to help guide the plug through the pole.


Go green!

We care about the planet. If you’re getting rid of the packaging or the TV mount itself, please check your municipality’s guidelines for the best disposal options near you. For information about the materials used in the packaging, visit www.vogels.com/recycle. Recycling matters!



Thanks again for choosing Vogel’s! Durability is paramount in the development and production of our products. We provide a guarantee of 5 years, unless local statutory law and regulation dictate a longer minimum period. We resolve any issues regarding product complaints or returned products and assess all complaints based on usage.

If your product is not functioning properly due to material faults or manufacturing defects, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our own discretion.

If you have any problems with our product or want to know whether the guarantee is applicable, please:

  1. Complete the contact form or mail our Consumer Care Team. Preferably, please add a picture.
  2. Within 2 business days you will be contacted by our local Vogel’s distributor.
  3. If the guarantee is invoked, the product should be returned, together with the original purchase document (invoice, sales slip or cash receipt). The purchase document should clearly show the name of the supplier and the date of purchase. You will be informed about the specific return address and further procedure.
  4. Vogel’s guarantee shall lapse in the following cases:

    • If the product has not been installed or used in accordance with the instructions;
    • If applicable, if the holes in the wall have not been properly drilled in accordance with the Vogel's installation instructions for the applicable wall type;
    • If the product has been altered or repaired by someone other than Vogel’s;
    • If a fault arises due to external causes (outside the product) such as for example lightning, water nuisance, fire, scuffing, exposure to extreme temperatures, weather conditions, solvents or acids, wrong use or negligence;
    • If the product is used for different equipment than is mentioned on or in the packaging.

Do you have any other questions? Please make use of our contact form.


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