TVA 6000
Cable Cover


TVA 6000
Cable Cover

Full Installation Guide

Everything you need to get your accessory installed, in no time


Before you start

…we just wanted to say thanks for choosing Vogel’s. Smart choice.

And you’re already making another smart choice – reading the manual! Keep reading to learn all about safe, efficient installation, and how to use your new product.


What’s in the box?

  • Something missing? Make sure your packaging has everything in place:
    1. Cable cover mount
    2. Cable cover lid
    3. Tape
    4. Screws
    5. Plugs

Got your tools ready?

  • Don’t start without all the necessary tools:

    • Crosshead screwdriver
    • Drilling machine
    • 5mm or 13/64" concrete/brick drill (for concrete/brick walls only)
    • Stud finder
    • Metal saw (optional)
    • Spirit level

Ready… set… get installing!

Step 1: Attach the cable cover mount to the wall


Step 2: Place the cables

  1. Organise the cables.

Step 3: Place the cable cover lid

  1. Place the cable cover lid Ⓑ on the cable cover mount Ⓐ.


Job done now! Enjoy watching your TV!


Handy features

Cut it easily to your desired length

  1. Use the cut marks to cut the cable cover to the desired length. You can also cut it diagonally to place the cable cover in a right angle.

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Confused? Unsure? Going crazy?

There’s plenty of help waiting for you, online:


Simple troubleshooting

Found a problem you can’t fix? Don’t panic… try these!




‘My wall screws have snapped!’

You might not be drilling deep enough… or your drill could be too blunt, so that the hole is too narrow and the screw gets stuck.

Use another hole in the wall plate to fix the wall mount to the wall. Make sure you use a sharp drill of the correct size. Use the size of the screw as indication of the depth to be drilled.



‘What if I need spare parts?’

If you require a spare part, please contact your local dealer or Vogel's. Click here to contact Vogel's Consumer Care.

‘Why do you use Fischer© plugs?’

The Fischer© DuoPower plug is widely regarded as the best standard in plugs. Don’t settle for less!


Go green!

We care about the planet. If you’re getting rid of the packaging or the TV mount itself, please visit your local recycling facility, or contact your municipal office. Recycling matters!




Thanks again for choosing Vogel’s! Just like every product we make, your new purchase is made of durable materials and is based on a meticulous design. That is why Vogel’s gives you a 2-year guarantee for defects in materials and manufacturing.

  1. Vogel’s guarantees that if during the guarantee period of a product, faults arise due to defects in manufacturing and/or materials, it will, at its discretion, repair or if necessary replace the product, free of charge. A guarantee for normal wear and tear is hereby expressly excluded.
  2. If the guarantee is invoked, the product should be sent to Vogel’s, together with the original purchase document (invoice, sales slip or cash receipt). The purchase document should clearly show the name of the supplier and the date of purchase.
  3. Vogel’s guarantee shall lapse in the following cases:
    • If the product has not been drilled, installed and used in accordance with the Instructions for Use;
    • If the product has been altered or repaired by someone other than Vogel’s;
    • If a fault arises due to external causes (outside the product) such as for example lightning, water nuisance, fire, scuffing, exposure to extreme temperatures, weather conditions, solvents or acids, wrong use or negligence;
    • If the product is used for different equipment than is mentioned on or in the packing.